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The world is currently in the middle of a great crisis. And if you thought that things are bad, just know that they’re about to get worse. With the entire economy brought to a halt, even the commercial farms that provide us with food are bound to feel the heat. And do you know what that means? Food shortage can make things really tough for us.

That’s why we’d like to talk about the My Survival Farm program. This is a guide that’s designed to make you entirely independent as far as food production is concerned.

So, even after the current crisis is gone (we pray it comes to an end soon), you’ll be able to guarantee your family of a supply of healthy, organic food.

Let’s take a closer look at what Dan F. Sullivan has in store for us in his relatively popular permaculture farming survival program.


This is a 3-step guide that’s meant to help make you food secure. The good thing with it is that you don’t have to be a farming expert to make the most of it. Plus, you don’t have to own large tracts of land to be able to benefit from it.

All you’ll need is a few square feet of land. And even if you live in a crowded apartment, your balcony would be just enough.

What you’ll learn in this program is the art of creating a permaculture garden. Simply put, this is an ecosystem that thrives in perfect balance without you having to water it, weed or apply pesticides. How cool is that?

And the best part is that:

  • You don’t have to dig it (except once at the beginning)
  • There’s no need to weed it
  • Just a bit of rain-water will be enough for it
  • There’s no need to replant it every year

Does all this sound too good to be true? It’s now time to explore just how exactly this system works. That way, you’ll be able to determine if this is something worth investing in or it’s just another overrated scam.


As we have already mentioned, this is a 3-step program. It is meant to work for all types of climates, levels of skills and locations.

The first step involves digging and mulching of soil. As part of the initial preparation of the land, you’ll need to invest in hay, dead leaves, scraps, and even chicken droppings.

Once all those inputs are ready, you’ll need to dig a couple of shallow ditches which you’ll use to collect backup water during rainy days. That way, you’ll never need to use your emergency water supply to keep your farm going.

The 3-rd and final step involves planting specific seeds in your farm. You’ll do this in the same old way except that there are specific plant combinations you’ll need to adhere to. Remember, there are plants which grow well together and some which don’t.

This is the ultimate game-changer you’ll get to learn here. And that way, you’ll be able to see your yield grow exponentially.

And to crown it all up, what you get is not just a garden but a survival tool. One that’s well hidden away from the prying eyes of your hungry neighbors and looters.


We’d now like to get down to the specifics. That’s because we believe that no stone should be left unturned in this My Survival Farming review.

Inside this guide is a decent collection of techniques you won’t find anywhere else.

(1) Planning, designing and putting into action a high-yield garden

(2) How to keep your soil nutritious so your garden runs on autopilot for years

(3) The 125 plants you can plant in your survival garden (depending on your local climate)

(4) The art of “marrying” plants so they never compete for nutrients or sunlight

(5) A rare list of perennial crops that just grow and grow

(6) How to deal with pests easily and naturally without pesticides

(7) Some secrets on little-known plants that function as natural fertilizers

We can keep going on and on but we think our point has been made. There’s a lot in this program for you to reap (quite literally).


  • This is a digital program meaning you can access it immediately
  • With this guide, you can produce organic food easily and affordably
  • Every bit of instruction in this program is super easy to follow
  • You don’t need lots of land to establish the farm
  • The guide is ideal even for anyone with no DIY skills
  • As easy to use as assembling the IKEA chair


  • Requires you to get physically active
  • You may need to source for soil, manure and seeds
  • It’s only available online


Dan F. Sullivan, the brains behind this program is also the editor-in-chief of the renowned platform. He’s a survivalist with decades of experience. Above all, he is quite knowledgeable on matters related to organic gardening methods.

We honestly think that the value provided in this system is quite justified. But to even provide you with more benefits, the author provides you with these bonuses (along with a 60-day, iron-clad money back guarantee).

  • Bonus #1: Permaculture Action Plan & Checklist

This is a quick overview that will come in handy when you need to avoid some costly mistakes people make when creating their survival gardens.

  • Bonus #2: Example Diagram Permaculture Gardens

These 10 examples can come in handy when you need to choose your own customized plan with ease. Plus, the bonus is a major time-saver.

  • Bonus #3: The SHTF Water

Water is obviously important for survival. In this guide, you’ll find all the important details about water harvesting, storage, filtering and purification.

  • Bonus #4: Canning Authority

Canning things the wrong way increases the risk of botulism. Plus, it might spoil your cans. The Canning Authority program has the details on how to do it correctly.

  • Bonus #5: Veggie Profits

What if you end producing more than you need? Inside this bonus guide are ideas on how to make extra bucks from your organic survival farm produce.

  • Bonus #6: Family Survival Blueprints

This is an important survival guide that otherwise sells at $37. It’s only available on a limited-time basis.


The My Survival Farm Guide is, in our view, a little slice of heaven. If you’d like to take control of your food supply beginning today, we’d like to highly recommend trying it right now. It’s got lots of value and benefits lined up for you especially in the current uncertain times.

60 days money back guarantee


No repeated cost

No subscription fee

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